Farewell my friends in Aleppo

Om Mohamad, dying in the empty street in aleppo
Om Mohamad, dying in the empty street in aleppo

Fidaa Itani

My friend, a doctor, asks me seriously:” do we still have any hope to negotiate for evacuation?”

The man is in Aleppo, with a siege getting unbearably tighter, the doctors stopped working, no medical material remained, it is almost impossible to even turn on the generators. The hospitals and medical centers became targets for the Russian and Syrian air forces; the refugees came from areas that have fallen during the last few days to the area where my friend was, which added another burden to their work. But the bombardment of the last hospital in Kallaseh neighborhood forced them to remain in shelters.
Al-Kallaseh hospital has been hit by chlorine gas bombs leaving forty injuries (10-12-2016), and the next morning ISIS forces attacked the city of Tadmur to deviate sight from what is going on in Aleppo.

We no longer know the number of besieged civilians, maybe more than two-hundred thousand. Civilians die, so do soldiers, while horrifying photos of regime forces holding those who surrendered, photos that only show humiliation and indignity and foresee the unknown destiny waiting for them. The soldiers find, among dead bodies of regime troops, the bodies of comrades who in the near past were fighting next them and preferred to surrender to the regime army that sent them back to the front lines to die while fighting their old comrades.

Confirmations have been received that a young man who calls for prayers has surrendered and has been killed, then other news arrive saying that he is alive, “thanks to God”, and being tortured in prison. Thousands of humans have been lost, it is impossible to track individual cases and the civil defense requests securing evacuation areas and to guarantee the safety of its personnel and volunteers in case the citizens have been evacuated, meanwhile, the Russian and the Syrian regime forces proceed their air strikes and push with thousands of troops to enter the besieged city.

Iranians, Hezbollah Elite troops, Iraqis, Afghans, expert Russian mercenaries, Shishanis, thousands of infantry invade Aleppo. Hundreds are being tortured, the civilians hear news of many downfalls at the front lines, and escape from eastern Aleppo to other parts of eastern Aleppo, from a siege to another, the land gets smaller and the number of humans whose lives are endangered increases.

15385375_430252754030393_6785847183550615536_oThousands fled to the regime area, maybe tens of thousands, and similar number fled to the Kurds areas. Some news say that hundreds of women have been taken captives by militias to unknown areas and were treated like slaves. Not slaves as in the religious context, but slaves that will suffer from Kurdish fighters and the regime militias.

As the number of victims increase, the Arab and western countries meet to denounce, again and again. As the number of civilian casualties increase, ISIS forces proceed to take over Palmyra (Tadmur), the city rich with history, gas and phosphate, and concerns the whole world. The screaming of the casualties fade under the ruins of local and international calls warning against the dangers of terrorism.

Om Mohammad is dying while her husband drags her dead body in the streets of Aleppo, the streets wet with winter rain and cold weather. On her wheelchair, her husband barely has enough energy to move the wheelchair in desperate search for a doctor to save his handicapped wife while she struggles for her last breaths. Few young men pass and barely look at them, it became worthless to try to save a human life, the proceed walking to their death.

Om Mohammad eventually dies in front of a local photographer who sends her photo to the world. Her tragedy ends while her husband’s continues.

My friend, the doctor, as well as other friends, move from one place to another seeking shelters.

“This is not what we wanted”, my friend said, “we wanted a country, a homeland, and a state, we did not want an Islamic revolution neither we wanted Jihad and beards, do justice to us Fidaa, do justice to us”

Who should do justice to who my friend? Death is surrounding us from every side, the murderers are the patriots, the heroes fighting terrorism and colonialism, the same colonialism that send the world’s psychopaths to Syria and put them under the lights.

How can we be fair to our people my friend? Those are the heroes of the land, the men of God who freed our land from Israel, and who continually threatens it. Whenever they deviate from what the Russians planned for them, they get bombarded at so the go back to kill innocent civilians who rebelled against their miserable lives, who should do justice to who, and who will free who?

In such times, I feel ashamed to call the remaining friends, I remain silent when my friend ask me about them, then I say to myself: “If I were to die, I prefer to know that I am going to die, I do not want to live in illusion”. Then I tell my friend :”You, doctors, will be easy targets for captivity and murder in case you left eastern Aleppo, and you will be the victims of airstrikes in case you remained, so choose my friend, no one cares how you will die.”

Near my friend is a group of doctors that thanks me for my honest reply, and then drowns in silence.

Let them die all who dared to demand dignity and freedom, and if you were not killed by phosphorus bombs, chlorine gas, and shots of those calling for Hussein and Ali and Fatima, you will be killed by the false promises of those who call to Mohammed, Omar and Abu Bakr.

Let him die whoever asked for justice, and whoever dreamt that someday we will become countries that deserve life, and people that deserve to live and thrive.

Whoever dreamt that one day he will go out of the mantle of slavery would die.

My friends dearest to the heart in besieged Aleppo, we will eventually taste the same end as yours.

(Translated by Maher Itani)


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